L-M BRIC News Illustrated Instruction Series No. 9 Notes    05/10/2006 ©
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L-M braiding in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia

Note 1.
  Noémi Speiser coined the term Trinity to the three kinds of braids that are seen in the regions wherever the l-m braiding is practiced.  They are twin 2-ridge flat, 4-ridge tubular and 4-ridge flat braids with a twill pattern. 

Note 2.  The Thai minorities use the same set of fingers for mounting the loops, but transfer the loop scooping the upper shank by inserting the operator under it.

Note 3.  The 2-person 9-loop technique used in Saddan Toraja will be discussed in a later issue in relation to the on-going research of the Pote.

Note 4.  We use here scarlet in place of red, because we are using too many R's and r's in abbreviation in this section that may cause confusion.